The pioneer of firsts in its industry with its innovative practices, Hillside (the Alarko Tourism Group) operates in the hospitality and leisure industries. Addressing its guests with the enthusiasm and unconventional perspective it lends to the industry, the Group is the first organization that introduced the concept of “leisure” which could be defined as “the efficient and high quality use of an individual’s free time” to Turkey and helped the industry improve in that area since the very day it started serving guests.

Combining the “make people feel good” mission it has embraced with its principle of “continuous development” that consists of incorporating dynamics that shape global trends, reflecting them in its efforts in an up-to-date fashion, and analyzing and measuring them with various engineering methods, Hillside maintains its position as the pioneer and leader of the industry by providing unique and innovative solutions.

The overriding principle of the Alarko Tourism Group is to offer a high-quality, holistic and customized service to its guests through its enterprises Hillside Beach Club, Hillside City Club Etiler, the Cinecity Cinemas and Sanda Spa.


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