The personal data and/or sensitive personal data that you provide to Attaş Alarko Turistik Tesisler A.Ş. (“THE COMPANY”); can be recorded, stored, updated, periodically controlled, rearranged, classified, stored and processed with other forms. THE COMPANY may share the personal data obtained from you, with foreign affiliates, with domestic and foreign business partners, third party service providers and suppliers providing data analysis, information technologies and related infrastructures, auditing and similar services, within the scope of achieving the purposes stated herein. Your personal data will be covered within the scope of the explicit consent stipulated in the Articles 5 and 6 of the Act, the explicit prescribing of the law, the establishment and performance of the service contract, the establishment, use or protection of a right, the legal reasons for fulfilling our legitimate interests and legal obligations as The Company.


THE COMPANY may use your personal data for the following purposes:

Your personal and sensitive personal data relating to the data processing purposes referred to herein text, will be processed by THE COMPANY through all kinds of oral, written, electronic platforms (Electronic Mail Communication, Telephone, Contract, Resume Form) in accordance with the Articles 5 and 6 of the Act No. 6698 On Protection of Personal Data (“The Act”).
Unless a longer period of storage is required or permitted by law, we retain your personal data for the period required to fulfill the purposes set out in this notification. Your personal data will be withhold for a maximum of twenty years.

By applying to THE COMPANY, you retain the rights to claim the following within the framework of law; (a) to find out whether your personal data has been processed; (b) to request information about your personal data, if they are processed; (c) to find out the reason your personal data was used and whether it was relevant to the purpose; (d) to know the domestic and foreign third parties your personal data has been conveyed to; (e) to request the correction of your personal data, if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed; (f) to request the deletion or destruction of your personal data; (g) to request third parties to be notified regarding the procedures that take place in accordance with e and f clauses as indicated above; (h) to object any adverse consequences caused by the analyzing of your processed data exclusively through automated systems; (i) to request compensation for any damages caused, as a result of any illegal use of your personal data. You may access and update your contact information and communication preferences through one of the following methods, regarding above-mentioned data processing purposes, you may deliver your requests regarding updating, deleting, correcting this personal data or claim your rights about the Act, written and signed as stated by the Act and in the Notification on the Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Office, either by hand delivery to the application address, or via notary or send it via email registered to by using secure electronic signature, mobile signature or via the email address you declared previously and listed in the COMPANY’s system, to APPLICATION ADDRESS: Nisbetiye Street, Ahular Sokak No: 6, Etiler, Besiktas, Istanbul.



In accordence with being transmitted to me by you in “your NOTIFICATION FOR PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING” (Notification), within the scope of Act No. 6698 On Protection of Personal Data, I give my consent for Attaş Alarko Turistik Tesisler A.Ş. (THE COMPANY):

for the purposes, via being filled compulsory blanks in form field, for the recording, storage, updating, reorganization, classification, transfer, retention and processing of my herein personal data and/or sensitive personal data for the required period of time; my personal data recorded by the COMPANY; I give my consent for the company to share information with foreign business affiliates, and with third parties and suppliers that provide services such as data analysis, information technologies, infrastructure, auditing and similar services, and to transfer abroad, within the scope of achieving the purposes stated in the NOTIFICATION. I fully understand the terms and conditions of this Notification, and I am well enough informed to consciously give my consent which are specified in the article 5/1 and 6/2 of the law.